Input (1533 nodes and 103218 edges in total)
Job Name: TimeXNet Sample
No. of Nodes by Type:
458 Source Nodes
648 Intermediate Nodes
427 Late Nodes
Gene/Protein Values:
Network: all_network
Gamma 1: 1.0
Gamma 2: 0.0

Output (1496 nodes and 2560 edges in total)
No. of Nodes by Type:
701 Predicted Nodes
369 Source Nodes
168 Intermediate Nodes
258 Late Nodes
Output (Tab-delimited Files): Output (Cytoscape Files):

Network Analysis
Single Gene Network
Multi-gene Networks

Enrichment Analysis
Whole Genome as background list: Submitted Network as background list:
KEGG Pathway Enrichment KEGG Pathway Enrichment
GO Term Enrichment GO Term Enrichment
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